About Girlpages™ NorCal Lav Nightlife. Lavender Calendar for Nightlife Northern California

Welcome to  Girlpages™,  Girlpages  Network, or GPN. Our mission is to have one location for women to empower each other in business and in spirit. The ultimate sisterhood.

Girlpages™  is a resource to know what's relevant and current in the women's community powered by their own information. Sort of a hub or library of directories for women's information. As the focus is the 'lesbian community', lesbians have many facets to their needs as any woman. From their youth, to finding a mate, to activities friendly to their life style. As 'pages' suggest 'pages', we are pages of information solely for women and their lifestyle. From business services that support women and lesbians in business. To events that cater to lesbians of festivals that honor women in the arts. This is especially important in the lesbian community since it is so spread out and it's often hard to maintain community. We built Girlpages with the end in mind, and in 2011 we have experienced phenomenal growth. We didn't really go public until our new logo was complete March 2011. In 2011, we had 425,000+ views. Our average monthly views were 40,000 to 50,000 monthly. Proof that Girlpages is a very useful website. We knew we would be a slow start because we had to earn the respect and trust of professional lesbians who are often shy to be out. Girlpages doesn't focus on 'sexuality' but the needs of lesbian women as a whole. 

There is general population women sections (blue), where certain women's issues and events apply to all women; such as health, fitness, finance, crafts, festivals, business, etc., apply to most 'all women'. Where women of all kinds can support the efforts of women in general. Then there are niche lifestyles of women, such as the Lesbian (or Lavender) community who want to know where to go to special events that cater to their lifestyle, such as singles dances or clubs. 

In the meantime, our 'girl nightlife' calendar is the most complete calendar for lesbian nightlife and travel in the nation. Most similar calendars are not all lesbian specific and many are out dated due to automation. Curve Magazine reported December 28th, 2011, 'Clublezlife' a "National & World Wide Lesbian events calendar", (2nd largest to Girlpages) has an average of 60-100 events a week. Girlpages had an average of 256 monthly/65 weekly 'Lesbian' events - in California alone (not including lesbian travel), which is another average of 25 a month, all of which support lesbian-owned businesses. Because we are a hub for many lesbian venues, the support cares over into all lesbian VENUES benefit from a small lesbian owned coffee shop in San Francisco, to a lesbian owned Coffee Roasting House in Northampton, Massachusetts, to a Hotel & Spa and Bistro in Guerneville to a  Custom Framing & Restoration shop in Oakland and hundreds of other & lesbian venues.  Because our goal is to be a community we allow small niche lesbian organizations to host their calendars on Girlpages free of charge so they are on the mix with the traffic Girlpages gets. When their events apply to our main calendars we move the information to further promote the events. It's a win win situation. The community is no longer at the mercy of paid sponsorship.  

We are working directly with club & event owners to manage their own calendars to bring the lavender community the most accurate and updated information. The lesbian community is large, but spread out; Girlpages brings them all together. It is desperately needed in the lavender community.

About HerStory
I have been a successful business owner of Playback Video & Film Production, now; Playback.net since 1984 and developed the Girlpages concept throughout my career; being a single lesbian wanting to got to lesbian events, it was frustrating knowing where to go. Now being older, I wanted to know where my future lies being a lesbian not so much in the mix, maybe in a relationship or just looking to go on vacation with like minded people, and eventually being much older looking for places as an elder. No one is really taking on the totality of lesbians.  Eventually when the internet came to full force, I registered the web address in 1998 and in 2002 made  Girlpages™  &  Girlpages Network a legal separate DBA business. But Girlpages™  is just a re-mix of what I have done all my life in media, even before I started my business. I treat this section of my business like it was a client of Playback.net.  Maintaining the media as I do many clients.

Back then the technology made it cost prohibitive to bring  Girlpages™  to the fruition it is today. Because of my marketing experience, the true usefulness of it's resources and absolute need in the market,   Girlpages™  is growing at a rapid rate. Facebook gets 400-2,500 daily views and the door basically opened Jan 1, 2011!

Bringing social networking into the picture is helping GPN to move along swiftly, making it relatively inexpensive for women business owners to participate. The technology had to come to a place where the end user is willing to use the technology available. We are currently working on an app to help the iPod/iPad world. As well as converting our fancy flash media to html (technical garble) when hand-held devices can't read flash (technical garble) this program converts it, making  Girlpages™  quite friendly across the board. I am constantly in tune with new media as it comes out the door of the world wide web, that doesn't mean new media is really relevant to consumers needs.

As a successful and award winning producer and business woman for 26 years, I know the struggles of women in business. I have maintained hundreds of clients from major corporations and small business with multimedia. Clients such as; Kraft Foods, PG&E, Andronico's Markets, to small niche businesses like, Elio's Family Restaurant, CARH and Cindy Buck Presents. I am an expert in rocket launching organizations into media, from video production, to blogs, to websites and social networking. I am constantly morphing with the changes in technology that are reasonable and relevant for my clients and my own business as I have for years.

I am opening up that door for others in a different way, in one way as a community service to provide free advertising to WOO/LOO businesses on Facebook that integrates with many of our other efforts. It's actually an interesting phenomenon what is going on placing the Girl Biz Directory on Facebook. The exposure is tremendous for these businesses. Banner advertising that can be easily shared and updated. Usually media services such as video production, web design, social networking and print advertising are the most expensive part of any idea, and we are experts with a HerStory of multimedia production at the highest level, as well as excellent at building co-op relationships that benefit everyone. I am a social network guru, not to mention a business women taking up mingling opportunities to talk one to one about business, comes naturally to me.

Well before I started my business in 1984, I was born and bread in the business. I grew up helping my dad (at the age of 10) produce a dining & nightlife guide magazine called Entertainment East Magazine (I'm pictured above on the right of printer press (age 12 with a Hang Loose tee on) with my dad John upper left, older brother Steve lower left, and Step Mom Justine in the middle).

In 1982 I designed the final cover (pictured) of the magazine. In that span of time 1974-1982, I designed layouts, printed them by hand, took and developed photos, worked on ads; all that I do today electronically. Of course my first job was master folder and stapling them together.  Girlpages™  isn't some dot-com start up company supported on the stock market testing an idea of some new technology; these are real experts with a HerStory of experience applying old school talent with new technology. There is a reason I have maintained a successful business that has stood the test of time, through the dot-com crash and the current crisis.

On board is WOO Alicia Buelow, also a highly respected illustrator and Woman owned business. Also on board is WOO Stella, Co-Owner of Proxprint.com who I have been printing with for years, is working out specials I can bring Girlpages™  clients. Building liaisons to help Girlpages has been important in our growth process. Girlpages is a growing process. The purpose of this site is to help what's already out there, bringing women and resources together in one place. I am very pro business, and know a lot about programs for Women In Business supplier  diversity programs; WBE, DBE, LGBTBE, 8a, and WMBE, etc. (there will be more of this later where companies who need to satisfy a 21% percentage of their suppliers diversity to small businesses. These programs are great for companies who want to grow, but don't necessarily help small niche business).  Girlpages™  is designed to help big business find these qualified business, while also using the most important; old fashioned word-of-mouth approach or word-of-mouth-facebook-phenomenon. Utilizing facebook WOO businesses clients can tag themselves in their own ad and have friends who have had experiences make comments and 'likes' helping outsiders to understand a business better.

Nightlife, After Hours & Connecting
At the end of the day, it's the sisterhood; friends shouting out about friends in business that is the greatest connection. At the end of the day, we need some fun time and that's where the nightlife and travel comes in, go out, get out and have some fun as we uplift each other. Peace. -Stacy Poulos Owner / Publisher / Girlpages™ 

Girl club owners or Event planners to see about opting in on Submit A Calendar.

In the meantime see what the women are up to this week to the right and see [Girl Nightlife] This calendar includes many of the events in the SF Bay Area.