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I Love Girlpages! The truth is, I use it to plan my week. I especially like the travel page. ...I want to travel with other women.” -Vicki / California State Commissioner 

Girlpages™ is experiencing phenomenal growth because the information is so important to the different communities of women. In 2011 our facebook page was getting over 40,000 to 50,000 organic monthly views. As of 3/7/2012 Facebook stats show 523,450 post views, of them, 97% women! These are from our community, not from capturing people through SEO and google keywords. 

These are actual screen shots of our webpage stats and our facebook stats (doctored up with color of course). 

We are a highly targeted group of women. 

“Girlpages is a valued partner - sharing in the mission to create and nurture what we are all striving to obtain, an empowering and enriching sense of  “community”. Girlpages is a wonderful service for the LGBT women’s community, promoting an array of events for women, all from a single source; and helping to gain outreach (most affordably) to a diverse, targeted audience. -Susan Lubeck, Founding CEO, FabFemme Inc.  San Francisco, CA 

"... I gotta tell you I'm SOOOOO IMPRESSED with your site, it's mechanics, it's scope!!, it's look, it's reach... OMG... you have got one helluva an operation going...  it's really wonderful..." -Nicole Conn Writer / Director / Filmmaker

"Thanks for your support Stacy! I am a huge fan of GirlPages"  -Nicole 

"... PS love your site. I am amazed at the information you have gathered." -Meredith M. Tanzer / Creative Marketing & Event Manager 

“...If you don’t know what you are doing, go to Girlpages and you’ll find out. Thank you for helping me get the word out about my shows all across the country.” - Poppy Champlin / Queer Queens of Qomedy 

“I just wanted to thank you.  ...Seriously, I use Girlpages NorCal as my landing page when I turn on my computer” - Constance / Bay Area


To our Communities, in one sense, Girlpages Network is like the Pink Pages of San Francisco Chronicle. In the meantime, we leverage our popularity to help other causes, business mixers, media and women owned businesses.  Targeting each area with information that makes sense. We are the largest in the Nation with an average of 1,000 events monthly. This is unheard of in our community.

We were sure these events would more than double in 2012. Well, March 2012 there was a 390% increase. Women are relying on Girlpages to get there event information and news! 

"Thanks! You're a wealth of event knowledge that's for certain!..."  -DjBecky Knox

“Girlpages Network is one of the most accountable online lesbian sites for advertising Inferno Dances. I am always assured that Stacy will get the word out quickly and efficiently. As the CEO of Hot Flash Dance Parties, I recommend using Girlpages as a resource.” -Pauline Miriam / Washington

“Girlpages Network is one of the most complete listings supporting the LGBT artist community online. I would recommend it highly if you really want to know what’s going on in the Bay Area and beyond! - Katharine Cole / Bay Area

“What a great way to get the word out!  I will be using this a lot!!” - Jennie McNulty / Comedian 

“I ...subscribed to Girlpages Network and the NorCal Message Board. It has become an invaluable resource for all kinds of activities in my area. ...I check out the boards 3 to 5 times a week. It is also a great resource for Lesbian/Women owned and operated businesses... I could not be happier. With all of the information on Girlpages, we are rarely lacking for something fun and interesting to do. Such a fantastic resource for our community. Thanks Girlpages (and Stacy) for creating a site that was missing from our community and making it accessible, fun and easy to navigate. - Barbara B / San Leandro, CA

“Girlpages keeps me in the loop with all the amazing events happening all over. Whenever I’m traveling and want to find something going on in a different city, I just check Girlpages! I love what you do, keep up the great work!” -Mikiea, SoulKiss San Diego 

“People ask me all the time ‘what’s going on?’, I just tell them to “go to Girlpages Network” I have girlpages NorCal book marked and go there all the time” -Patty Leo / Operations Architect Interaction Design

“I’m a lesbian owned business and recently got married to my long time partner. We love that we have a resource to go to when we want to travel with other lesbians, or at least know we are going places sensitive to our needs as women and lesbians.” - Vicki Harris / Co-Owner / Diversified Mobile Smiles, Inc. SF Bay Area 

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