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Girlpages™ Lavender calendars covers different areas in the USA and Europe. As we grow so will our map and the areas each calendar covers. Since the Lesbian community has so many activities in California in our "Calendars" California is separated from the "West Coast" calendars and then again split between Northern and Southern California. When it comes to our 'Girl TV' channel, California is included in the 'West Coast'.  Share this page... http://x.co/XCHK

Click area map for lavender nightlife in that area. If Twitter is misbehaving below the map; click at the bottom of the Twitter box that says "Join The Conversation" and you will see all tweets from the club owners in that given area. Also some clubs provide 'videos' for their events; to see the videos available click on the 'channel' i.e., "West Coast Channel".