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At Girlpages™ Network we are a sisterhood of women who want to support women owned businesses. In order to do this we need to know you are a 'woman owned' business and distinguish you by a 'girl status' icon and/or acronym. If you'd like to further distinguish your business to your life style as well, we have an icon for that, but it is not necessary. Because Girlpages appeals to lesbians it is beneficial to distinguish that part of your business if it applies. 

If you own a business, you can proudly sport your 'girl status' on your door, or website, by just displaying our icon that applies.

There are thousands of companies who are looking to fulfill their 
procurement goals with WOO, LOO businesses.  

Girlpages is owned by Playback.net, a Certified WOO, who participated in this program with the government. These programs don't really support smaller contracts. We believe creating a support system for women in business will bring opportunity to these WOO businesses in addition to other procurement opportunities. Of course to be part of  these diversity programs there is a more rigorous certification and proof process that in the end doesn't seem to really pay off. For instance, most of the contract opportunities are over kill. Contracts ranging from $100k to millions are the average opportunities. Where a $5,000, $10,000 $50,000+ contract is a great stimulus for a small business. I have been in business 28 years and know all the ins & outs of this program, including competing for contracts. All that is time consuming. In most cases you end up spending more time competing writing proposals then actually working. 

So we created our own diversity procurement program to give real help to small women owned businesses. 

Mixing WREPs with WOO helps bring attention to women WREPs in high positions to mix with WOOs. We don't expect anyone to use these businesses, we just ask to give them a chance to show what they can provide. 

Please look at our growing directory, if you are a woman business owner send us your square ad and we will inter-grade you into our system. 

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All ADs are paid ADs. If you are a "WOO or LOO" Girlpages is granting you one stimulus ad. 

Contact us for Advertising prices. 

Girl Status


Woman Icon
(Gay & Lesbian Friendly)

Lesbian Icon

Minimum 50% Women Owned and / Or  Operated. (Gay & Lesbian Friendly)
WOO Minimum 50%+
Women Owned and / Or
(Gay & Lesbian Friendly)
(Franchise owners are considered WREP's) 

LOO Minimum 50% Lavender (Lesbian) Owned and / Or  Operated (Self described)
LOO Minimum 50%+
Lavender (Lesbian) Owned and / Or
Operated (Self described)
(Franchise owners are considered LREP's) 

WREP Woman representative of a company. (Gay & Lesbian Friendly)
WREP Woman representative
of a company. (Gay & Lesbian Friendly)
(Includes Franchise owners) 

LREP Lavender (Lesbian) Operated representative  of a company (Self described).LREP Lavender (Lesbian) Operated representative 
of a company
(Self described).

It is unnecessary to identify your "percentage" of women owned business as long as your are 50%+ women owned you can advertise you are 'WOO' or 'LOO'. 
You are welcome to advertise as such:  Girl status: 100% WOO or Girl status: 80% LOO. 

If you are a woman that works for a company that you do not own, or are a franchise owner or are under 50% woman owned, you would qualify to be a 'representativeof a company. i.e., if you are a sales rep for a big company, then you would be a WREP or a LREP, whichever you want to identify. 

Girl Status: WREP or LREP

If you are a lesbian, you do not have to advertise you are, that is just a option. 

Whatever community you frequent, it does not matter, we are women of all kinds supporting women of all kinds.  

SuperGeniusWebsites.com  Girl status: 100% LOO