Girlpages™ Submit A Calendar

This is a great opportunity for the community to come together and thrive. One announcement is like passing out 1000's of flyers to your target market. -Girlpages Network

Girlpages™ Network aka; GPN, is a community calendar for women.
Women who want to pull together in a community of lifestyles and events, etc., are welcome to make their own calendar of events. When you do we will make a page dedicated to your group so long as it makes sense and is women related.  Such as; a calendar for women motorcyclists, parents, adventure clubs, etc.

We are dedicated to trying to keep this site friendly to all women and technology. As we grow, this is an 'opt in' calendar each verified organization is responsible for maintaining their own calendar on google. Contact us by phone so we can discuss the details and via email [click] (please do not put us on an email list, thank you).

To opt in, you must build a google calendar specific to the events you are opting into then ask us to opt into it. Contact us before you do so we can guide you. You should have a calendar for your business/events anyway with the things that make common sense; the who, what, where, when, how, how much, and a link to your business/or event.

Why Google Calendar?
For many reasons; it's free to the public, it's easy to create, share and embed, it's cross platform in 100's of languages. It's easy for the end user to add your event to their own calender and get reminders when it comes up. And I am confidant Google will stay in business and support any issues that will keep it friendly as time marches on and media is constantly changing. I am a media expert, so I have dealt with the changes in media for over 26 years.

How to make a google calendar:  [click] Also see video.
See tutorial 1 how to create multiple calendars. We only want to subscribe to events for women. You can separate your events by making two calendars, when you embed your own calendar you can combine them.

Common sense:
We ask that you have the common sense information in each event you post, when you show up on Girlpages you will be getting new people who may not know anything about you.  There is an area for putting an address. The more convenient you make it for the end user such as a full address in the address area people will be able to click on it and GPS / google cell phones etc. will help them find your location.

Who, what, where, when, how, how much and a link. Please include links. Age group and clientele. We want the women to know what they are walking into since we have all kinds of groups. If you're a hip hop group or seniors we don't care, we just want the girls to know what they are walking into. Also in your heading if you put 2-3 letters to represent your town. 
Send a email to [click]

If you have an organization and don't have a website we recommend you get one. You can use our SuperGeniusWebsite services to make one. It's inexpensive and easy to create.

The hunt is over.
Women want to know where to go. Unless your hanging out at the right time to get a flyer, or get on someones email list, or feel like going to several websites and businesses, facebook, myspace or website, women are confused where to go. Then there's sorting out the who, where, what, how much and the details. This will end the confusion.

Lavender/Lesbian Events Calendar
The lavender events calendars is dedicated to the lesbian community. It is a huge community of women spread out in small communities who tend not to know what's going on because it's so spread out. Unless you check 100's of websites and are in the right place at the right time, not everyone knows what's going on in their community. It also takes a lot of time and research, Girlpages Network aims to end the hunt. From Girlpages you can end up in the right place. Girlpages manages and is focused on Lesbian nightlife, lesbian travel and women in business. The rest of the niche communities are welcomed to opt in. I would love to see a LGBT calendar, but the LGBT community will have to create and maintain it and we will give it a page.

Why not just have a lesbian website?
Lesbians don't necessarily identify with being JUST a 'Lesbian'. We are women like any other. We just might want to go to a different club at the end of a work day or travel with like minded women. Having a site like this helps find those events that appeal to our life style.

What is the cost?
For club owners who have lesbian events it doesn't cost to opt in, you just have to make your calendar and maintain it. If you have a lot of lesbian events we can make you your own page and feed your calendar into it as well as your "Facebook fan page". If you are a 'mixed group' we ask that you have a calendar just for the lesbian events.

You can make a calendar that includes different feeds so you can have two calendars in one or more. We also ask that you promote Girlpages Network by having flyers or cards at your event and including a link on your invites. What advertises us, advertises you.