Girlpages Adventure Club; G-PAC Explorers

Come out and see the great out doors. Check out this 360º photo of a Hike in Dublin, CA Grab the photo with your pointer and pull it to the left or right. Then Join G-PAC.

Girlpages™ Adventure Club; G-PAC is a gathering place for women of different interest to organize Adventure Activities. From hiking, walking, biking, kayaking, sports activities, to adventure travel. Become a G-Pac Explorer join our meet-up group.

Lesbian Adventure Club

Girlpages Adventure Club; G-PAC is a lesbian (Sister) focused Adventure activities group that welcomes gathering with other allies and meet-up groups with like activities, that have a sense of respect for diversity and the environment.  Right now we are Lesbian and Bi Women only, but expect to grow rapidly when we better define our vision as a team. Current activities; hiking, kayaking, SCUBA and snorkeling, motorcycle & scooter adventures, Zip lining, repelling, biking, softball, and other outdoor activities. G-PAC is part of the GirlpagesNetwork.com (A Lesbian nightlife, entertainment and travel magazine) -Stacy Poulos Publisher & Founder