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Welcome to Girlpage Network, GPN. Our mission is to have one location for women with niche lifestyles in to empower each other in business, community and in spirit. Girlpages™  is a resource to know what's relevant and current in the women's community powered by their own information. Sort of a library of directories for women's information including women (WOO) and lesbian (LOO) own business directory. In the last year Girlpages has experienced phenomenal growth and has become the number one respected resource for the lesbian community. We are content rich and have the most current information. We are the only one of it's kind. 
There are general population women (blue), where certain women's issues apply to all women, such as, health, fitness, business and family, etc. and there are niche lifestyles, such as with special interests such as lesbians (lavender). Our calendars below are split by regions, lavender calendars are lesbian only focused. Our news is by subject matter, and we have leading news, by reputable media sources fed directly into Girpages leaving reporting up to the experts. Once you find the 'regional calendar' that applies to your area, we recommend you bookmark that page and fan the local facebook 'message board' for current information from us and event contributors. There are also subject 'message boards' for Women in Business and Lesbian Travel. Fanning what your interested in minimize the information you get one your wall with what's relevant to you. Girlpages Network fan page is like the National over view of our community and is important you fan that. 

Girl club owners or Event plannersSubmit a Event here, there is also a button in the button bar navigation. 

Girlpages has regional calendars by area and subject matter. Below is a quick over view of what going on in the USA.
Click on a date heading on the calendar to expand for details, or better yet goto the 'more' link for larger version of that calendar with lots more information. iPad & iPhone users that can't see scroll bars, touch and move up and down with your finger in inside the Calendar to advance it. 
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