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See women out, find them here!  
Number one, Girlpages was created by single lesbians. Like you, we just wanted to be on a dating site that has a large pool of quality lesbians, and go to quality events that allowed us to meet others. By intermixing real life lesbian events, with a lesbian dating site there is no guessing game where the women are.
Girlpages, we are 
strictly focused on the 'lesbian community' through and through! We average 1,000 events a month! It's free to join. Paid subscriptions help Girlpages 'Network'. So we can continue this amazing website. Thank you for your support! Happy hunting.

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Online dating is one of the most accepted ways to meet others, especially since the lesbian community is so spread out, finding the right partner isn't easy. Or maybe you're just looking for friends with common interests. Girlpages Mingle is plugged into one of the largest data base of single lesbians in the USA. You will obviously meet others in our "Girl Nightlife" but Girlpages Mingle allows you to find out a little more about someone's compatibility before you approach them in person or on line.   Have fun on your road of discovery. www.GirlpagesMingle.com