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Tell your lesbian friends to join, together we are stronger. It helps 'events' to like their posts.  ALWAYS check the link provided for current information, we are not always informed about cancelations.  Thank you for your continued support! 

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We are the largest calendar of lesbian events and resources in the Nation. By popular demand we changed our Network into a APP. Right now it's a one time Subscription fee $14.99 look up "Girlpages LIVE" on Apple or AndroidIt's not just a 'APP' funds help pay for the technology and get events on the calendars weekly, having a premium fee naturally weeds out the posers. You will love it! Included is a 'Area Chat room (Girl chatter) ' to help our communicate continue to connect after events where to go next or  organize micro communities to meet up on a whim. This Chat room will take a while to take off as we gain more users. But how cool would it be to be at a lesbian party like MangoSF that end early to go in the NorCal Chat room and ask where everyone is going next or creating a place to go because there are no more 'events' that night. Or your in some off the popular gay grid areas and encourage people to go to a happy hour in your area.  

This 'website' 'GirlpagesNetwork' will only post the last 6 events posted in our area news and will only be updated in 24 hrs after posted. Which means, if someone gives us news on Friday about Friday. Web users wont get the notice till Saturday. However Area facebook fans that 'subscribe to see post first' and APP users will learn right away. We don't spam. We only announce 1-2 times per event. Last weekend 1st weekend of September 'Girlpages NorCal' had 24 events!  To see more events get the APP. This website is not cell phone friendly, you will need the APP to see many more events and and immediate updates. 

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Since the Lesbian community has so many activities in California, California is separated from the "West Coast" calendars and then again split between Northern and Southern California. When it comes to our 'Girl TV' channel, California is included in the 'West Coast'.  Share this page... http://x.co/XCHK